Reasons To Have Free Wi-Fi At The Wedding Venue

If you are choosing a venue to arrange your wedding, then one of the important factors you should consider is free Wi-Fi connectivity for the guests. Here are some reasons for it.

Record videos and stream them live

Due to the pandemic, limited numbers of guests are often invited to the event. Other relatives watch the live program online. If there is free Wi-Fi, then the program can be streamed live, and everyone can be a part of it.

Play online casino games

The guests can play online casino games while waiting for the bride and groom to appear. They can read BitStarz casino review before choosing a casino to register in.

Take pictures and share

The guests would like to take pictures of the wedding ceremony and share them on social media for their friends and relatives to see. The guests can also store the pictures and videos immediately into their cloud to free up space in their mobile phones for taking more pictures.


The guests can listen to music on their mobile phones when they feel bored at the event. If they don’t like the music that is played at the wedding, then they can listen to their favourite music from their mobile devices.

Browse the internet for assistance

The free Wi-Fi service can come in very handy. For example, you can give directions to a friend who is unable to locate you or learn about the nearby attractions. You can also find out about the opening and closing hours of casinos or other things.

The free Wi-Fi service can help the host in planning the wedding properly and communicate with the people in charge of arranging it. So, when choosing a venue, make sure that free Wi-Fi is available.