How To Plan A Destination Wedding

A wedding is the dream day for most people. A lot of planning goes on for this big day. Today, a destination wedding has become very common. Here is a guide to planning a destination wedding.

Prepare a checklist

You should jot down the things you need to do to arrange such an exotic wedding. This includes fixing a wedding date and venue, deciding on the budget, number of guests, logistics support, accommodation, transportation, catering service, decoration, invitation, and more. You can prepare the checklist according to priority and start getting the work done.

Have a budget

Before you choose your destination, you need to work out the budget. You should keep in mind that arranging such an event can exceed the budget by 20% approximately.

Choose the destination

Once you have decided on the budget, you should choose a destination for your wedding and the specific location where you want to have it. You should choose the country depending on what you like, for example, the sea, mountains, greeneries, or lakes. After you have chosen your destination, you need to select your venue. The venue should have the facilities you are looking for, like an open bar, a pool, and other things.

Book accommodation and transportation

If you can afford it, you should book the accommodation and transportation of your special guests. Make sure that you choose the most comfortable options for them.

Get the documents ready

As your wedding will take place in a foreign country, you will need to present a lot of documents to the visa office. You also need to provide relevant documents to the guests so that they can travel abroad without any hassle.

Hire a wedding planner

You must hire a good wedding planner for your wedding. Getting someone local will be wise as that person will be able to arrange things much more smoothly.

You should invite guests well in advance in case of a destination wedding. It takes time to make the travel arrangements. As the guests will stay in a foreign country for a couple of days, they will need time to prepare.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding

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